Space Challenge 23-27 November 2015

Space challenge slh

The Sustainability Champions encouraged Library & IT staff to increase the number of steps they take each day by taking part in the Everest Challenge.  Participating staff members (30 “mountaineers” in total) were supplied with pedometers and their total number of steps were recorded at the end of each day.  The original challenge was to take enough steps during the working week to cover the distance to the top of Mount Everest.

However, by the end of Day One, we had already reached the top and were on our way back down the other side!  We then kissed Julie Andrews “goodbye” and embarked on the Space Challenge.  Our goal was to walk 62 miles or take 654,845 steps to reach the edge of Space.

Our final total, at the end of the week, was 528,111 steps or 50 miles.  The equivalent of 9 Everest’s (and a bit).  12 miles short of Space but still an amazing effort.  There’s always 2016 to reach the Final Frontier ….



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