One sheet of A4 paper…

paper-use-display-feb-2017-1 tree

You are probably thinking that’s pretty insignificant, nothing interesting to say about that.  Think again.

The University uses approximately 22 Million pieces of new, plain white A4 paper a year! Let’s break it down.

There are 500 pieces of paper in a ream and there are 5 reams per box. That’s more than

733 boxes per month

183 boxes per week

26 boxes per day

Now, let’s break that down to the equivalent in trees.

An average pine tree is 25 m high and the average diameter is 30 cm = 1.7696 m3.

After removing all the knots and all the other useless bits, this leaves 50% of the tree.

The pulp produced = 520Kg

This means that 119,100 sheets are produced.

119,100 sheets is the equivalent of 238.2 reams or 47.64 boxes.

Or 184 trees per year

15 trees per month

3.8 trees per week

0.54 of a tree per day.

So, still think the piece of paper is insignificant?

Next time you want to use a piece a paper, remember this box mountain, have a rethink, is there a better option?


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