Around campus in 5 walks

During the week of the 3rd-7th April, the Library Sustainability team invited people to come for a walk around campus, to enjoy the variety of sculptures, gardens and biodiversity on our doorstep.

Monday – Ramble along the River

Tuesday – Say “Hello” to the Horses

Wednesday – Walk the Woodlands

Thursday – See the Sculptures

Friday – Gaze at the Gardens

We kept a tally of the distance covered and the amount of people taking part. to see how much distance week covered in a week


Day 1: Ramble along the River.  A beautiful day to start our week of walks.  We had 28 eagers walkers in all and we covered 50.4 miles between us today.  We managed to spot a few Peacock butterflies warming their wings and we were really lucky to spot one of the three terrapins basking in the sun.


Day 2: Say “Hello” to the Horses.  Another lovely day.  38 people joined into today and we covered 53.2 miles.  The horses were very grateful for the carrots and apples and are quite happy for visitor’s every day.


Day 3: Walk the Woodlands.  The sun was out for our longest walk of the week.  24 enthusiastic walkers and another 50.4 miles to add to our total.  There were lots of people saying  “We have never been this way before” and “I didn’t know this was here”.  When the bluebells are in full bloom, we will head out on this walk again


Day 4: See The Sculptures.  The sun shining for this walk.  20 viewers and 26 miles. Lots of nodding and humming as we explained what each sculpture represented.  The Maori tree was loved by all


Day 5: Gaze at the Gardens.  A cooler walk for our trek across Earlham Park to the gardens.  30 viewers and 45 miles. So many people were unaware that the gardens even existed.  I think they will now be heavily used for al fresco lunches in the summer


This weeks walks have been incredibly popular.  We have managed to cover over 225 miles this week, almost the equivalent of walking from the UEA to the Scottish Border or the base of Snowdon.  We will be running some more walks again in the Autumn, so watch this space.
















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